A Diabetic's Healthy and Satisfying Holiday Dinner

Diabetes runs in families, so you’re stumped. You want to enjoy a sumptuous holiday feast without putting anyone at risk for a diabetic coma. Here are some meal-planning tips for a festive yet healthy feast.


Before you even sit down to dinner, get your family started with a few light yet filling courses. Put out an appetizer tray of raw vegetables and low-fat ranch and blue cheese dips.

Be sure to have a salad course before dinner as well, featuring some low-fat, low-carb vinaigrette's.


Go for leaner meat options for the holiday season. Instead of a fatty ham, consider going with an elegant pork tenderloin. Turkey white meat is very lean, so instead of making a whole bird, consider roasting turkey breasts.


Keep the carbs under control, and you should sail through this meal. Make 'mock mashed potatoes' out of cauliflower, and serve your green veggies roasted or steamed with squirts of lemon juice. To make for the reduction in fat, jazz it up with fresh herbs and seasonings.


Your family never has to know that the cake you baked used a low-carb cake mix, or that your pistachio pudding pie is made with sugar free pudding mix. Throw in some fresh fruit with mint and a drizzle of low-fat yogurt sauce.

Photo: Nugget Market